fagmasterpdx: It pleases me to watch Faggots who know they…


It pleases me to watch Faggots who know
they exist to be CumDump Sluts but who quiver and cower in fear of being Pozzed. I exploit that fear, then turn it in on itself, until
the Faggot begins to dream of Conversion. It begins to see Toxic Cum
as the greatest reward for Whore Obedience. It becomes addicted to
it. It becomes a compulsive Bug Chaser whose greatest joy is being
pumped full of Toxic Cum by Superior POZ Men.

Yes, it seeks Toxic Conversion that it might prove itself the most debased and diseased kind of Faggot possible. This too pleases Master.

This is but a sample of my Bug Chase
Toxic Cum Delta 1 Brainwash Audio. The full version, like all my full
Brainwash Audio, are reserved for some of My Faggot Minions at


You gotta TRUST ME fellow Sluts … If you’re a Bug Chaser you NEED the full version of this. 

If there’s any lingering fears or doubts about getting Charged up, this will erase them. Even better … somehow after listening to it for a week or so, it’s like Toxic Men (and their Loads!) start crawling outta the woodwork. Like magic. Seriously. It’s fucking Awesome!